«The Upper Engadine»

Stretching for 80 kilometers at an altitude of around 1800 meters, the Engadine Valley (devided into the Upper and Lower Engadine) is one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe. The Inn river, which has the souce here, gave the region its name: in the native language "Rumantsch", Engaiadina means " Garden of the Inn". It is no coincidence that the alpine scenery with an average of 322 days of sun a year, which is often called "nature's treasure chamber". This favored region lies at the foot of the impressive Bernina Massif with its Piz Bernina reaching 4049 meters and sourrounding by several mountains over 3500 meters. The well-hidden Fex Valley is a tributary valleywhich is 200 meters higher then the main valley. The Hotel Fex is one of the highest in Swizerland.